I offer cars exclusively according to my own dealing conditions, to fulfil the requests of my clients, based on current market:

Expertise: a reliable and whole inspection of the cars, starting by their chassis numbers up to the history, involving the LG|ARCHIVE


Dedicated photoshooting of the car, matching numbers check and spare parts list 


Test drive: I deal cars just after a driving test, to prove my own inspections. I normally work with the exclusive rights in selling and dealing any car, except for highly selected occasions.

I fix the sale conditions, which normally are direct sale or by the down payment. I lead the whole sales process, or could be just involved in a specific stage when dealing, if the owner pretends his independence. We do not publish the whole history of the car on this website for privacy reasons and you won't get a specific "SOLD" in this website.



Due to swiss privacy matters, I do not display classic cars. Please contact me directly at to receive further informations regarding the cars which could be privately advertised and if you wish to trade your car.