I have been involved in classic and racing cars since I was about 10 years old, as these pictures prove themselves. I started to join very selected private rallies like the Ecurie Ecosse Tour, the Club Italia and than our format Italia Classica. It took a flash of time to become a kind of "baby mascot” of them. Thank of this invaluable fortune, I soon step further supporting those collectors who marked the history of the classic car passion, along my accademic studies and the career of racing driver, helping them as a very young trader and manager of their cars, thank also to our own collection of about 40 cars over the years.

I became a direct entrepreneur than, taking care of the restorations and the sales, creating a smart and strong network of friends, suppliers and enthusiasts, as well as contacts by the leading auto makers. After about 15 years of business, specially with Ferrari, Ferrari Classiche and Maserati, in 5 automotive markets, I finally succeed to turn to my real passion into an advisory boutique for pure car enthusiasts, being by their side as a reliable, friendly but innovative concierge, being aware of the issues they have to deal with, whatever the car they own.