The MATTIA GRANDORI GmbH at the Top of the World

"St. Moritz is my hometown. A place worldwide renowned as the "Top of the World", which is its claim.

There is any other place better to establish my company, to mark an irreplaceable, innovativ and passionate benchmark for local and international car collectors, who use to gather, and to experience, on an year base, one of the best iconic valley for lifestyle and well being as Engadin. By mid Januar until late October I guarantee you'll have plenty of experiences for a safe fun and passion, whether if you drive a Fiat Panda 4X4 Sisley or a Ferrari 250 GTO, in summer or winter. Yes, you read right: even in winter, when you can drift your beloved motor car on the iced lake. 

Looking forward to see you at the Top of the World! Don't forget sunglasses! 

Mattia, the founder of MATTIA GRANDORI GmbH.

And there is no shortage of culture to enjoy as St. Moritz has numerous museums, libraries and places of interest to visit. The cosmopolitan Alpine village can be reached by road, rail or air.

Engadin Tourismus Office