MATTIA GRANDORI GmbH provides brokerage - storage - digital services for international car collectors, as an advisory boutique.

Our objectives include working with our clients to deliver a unique innovative approach to the building of their car collections. MG|CLASSIC inspects, evaluate and certifies collectible cars on behalf of private collectors and companies, which need a swiss-legal validation for commercial and private needs.

We deploy deep-tech solutions and an understanding of car culture that ensure to our clients to build safely and trustfully their collections with the assurance that cars history, and value, is accurate and complete. 

Company delivers bespoke solutions for both car connaisseurs and leading car design companies. 

The Atelier for car storage, wine tasting and enjoy our passioni freely is located in Samedan, the legal office is in St. Moritz, the iconic and breathtaking "Top of the World".