The Roots

Since i was a kid i used to jump, suspiciously, into the cockpit of the racing cars of my father, grabbing barely my self to the roll-cage, praying him desperately to drive me even for some yards. I perfectly remember that i got all the other racing drivers, and friends, who were among the most important car collectors of the world, mad because of the thousands questions i did: i was like a human “encyclopaedia”. I knew everything of cars, and i used to bet to guess what car was near by just hearing its noise.

Soon i recognise my future, and my dream. Starting by spotting the issues that my father, the Club Italia, the Ecurie Ecosse, the Scuderia Italia Formula 1 Team and many others were dealing with, i decided to dedicate my life to create a unique activity whenever i would have been ready. However, i had few “issues” and step to solve back at that time: school, university, racing driver career, sometimes a girlfriend, and the parallel decision to start doing business since i was 17 years old. And so i did: Italy, travelling all around to collect the most unreachable contacts of craftsman, service and cars enthusiasts, meanwhile i was organising one of the most limited and bespoke rally dedicated exclusively to pure friends and passionates: Italia Classica. And than came the further 3 markets of the World where i started doing business: England, China, Hong Kong, South Africa and now Switzerland.

My business plan will last for long and i am here to improve what i recognise that lacks, what is unprovided and unprecisely done. Completely without any sort of commercial brand restriction or so. I invite you to follow me and to consider all the next steps of this adventure, plenty of passion, solutions and innovation. Drive your Passion, Mattia