The new Maserati and lifestyle Flag

Proud to announce a stunning new project for my brand new MG|Agency right after its debut on market: i will be taking care of the Sales, Oldtimer and Marketing for #Maserati at Garage Limacher in Luzern. However my MG|Agency will be having its typical, and unquestionable, independence about all the Service i provide for the car collectors. So whenever you want a Maserati, you are more than welcome, but if anyone would be more about to an Aston Martin, or a Porsche, same approach. #DriveYourPassion

Some shots from the "Empire" i will taking care: the brand new Maserati Show-Room: 2 floors, marmoreal bar, innovative kitchen, lounge area, Personalization side, and up to 15 cars to place. And by this amazing Headquarters there is the Oldtimer area, as well as the Service. The MG|Agency is on the scenes. Waiting for you for a champagne, wine degustation and Test drive. Foto credits by Oskar Moyano